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3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Chain Slings

When it comes to choosing the best lifting sling, there are often several types of slings to choose from. But one type of sling that is often considered superior to others is chain slings. Various industries and job types can benefit from all the chain slings have to offer for lifting purposes. So let’s explore a few benefits chain slings can offer so you can ensure you’re choosing the best lifting sling for your rigging and cable needs.

Offer durability and versatility: One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a lifting sling is durability. Fortunately, chain slings and additional equipment like toggle turnbuckles are extremely durable. They are high-strength and are overall resistant to being crushed or damaged. Furthermore, chain slings offer immense versatility — they can be easily adjusted and can even be constructed right in the field. So if you’re looking for a durable and versatile lifting sling, chain slings are the way to go.

Easy to repair if needed: If damage does occur, chain slings are some of the easiest lifting slings to repair. Unlike other types of slings, like synthetic or wire rope, chain slings are completely repairable. Individual chain links or segments can simply be replaced with new ones and the entire sling if fixed. If industries are looking into slings and cable railing supplies, they can easily get the new chains, toggle turnbuckles, cable hardware, and any other pieces they need to repair their chain sling.

Resistant to harsh surroundings: When slings are used outside, they can be exposed to a variety of environmental and weather conditions. Fortunately, chain slings can be used in all types of environments. If there are high temperatures, hazardous environments, chemicals, or sun exposure, chain slings will hold up well. This means workers don’t need to worry about their sling becoming damaged when used in certain conditions, which saves time and can make jobs go more efficiently.

It’s crucial to use the right lifting sling for both effectiveness and safety purposes. OSHA started general industry regulations for fall protection measures in 1971 and regulations regarding lifting and fall protection have continued to evolve since then. Chain slings from a reputable rigging supply company are extremely reliable and can help workers ensure whatever job they’re working on gets done not only quickly, but safely as well.

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