The fittings shown are our most commonly sold items for cable railing and we keep these fittings in stock.

1.threaded stud terminal  2.threaded stud terminal2   3.toggle  4.turnbuckle

1.  Threaded Stud Terminal

This is a stainless steel “threaded stud terminal” and is the most commonly used tensioner for both ends of cables. It is also the least expensive of all the terminals shown, but must be able to pass through the end posts to tension. This picture shows the hardware installed (washer, nut and dome nut).

2.  Threaded Stud Terminal

This is another picture of the threaded stud terminal without the hardware attached.

3.  Toggle

This is a Stainless steel “toggle” and is usually used in conjunction with and on the opposite end of the Stainless steel turnbuckle. It does not provide tensioning ability, but the turnbuckle end does. It also swivels for the angle of stairs.

4.  Turnbuckle

This picture description is “Stainless Steel deck toggle turnbuckle”- used commonly for stairs or applications where going “through” the post is not practical. It attaches to the inside of a post and will swivel at angles.